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About Clark Sabbat

Industry veteran Clark Sabbat is the first American born son of immigrant Haitian parents. Despite his original desire to be an architect he instead followed his heart and decided to become a fashion designer. Teaching himself how to draw with the help of his high school art teacher, Clark was accepted into the Prestigious Parsons School of Design. He developed a solid design background with strengths in tailoring and draping and went on to design for many different companies between NYC and Paris. Clark eventually started his brand(s) Voudoo and Friends with Benefits, which would then sell to top stores. Sabbat decided to change his fashion direction and create ready to wear "select" and the tagline "tailored for the streets,” was created. Through the power of social media, Clark and Hemincuff were introduced, breeding the first collaboration. Clark's eye for clean and simple lines, utilitarian function and accessibility is reflected in the design of the accessory line. To view addtional work  please feel free to go to http://www.clarksabbat.com

About Hemincuff

Hemincuff is a New York based accessories brand founded by Noel Veloz and Vadim Chinderjinschi. The two were born in the same week, month and year, two continents apart. The duo met while working in the luxury retail industry and decided to pursue a venture based on common passion.